Read Here Before You Book A Consultation With A Divorce Lawyer In Singapore

As a group of committed family and divorce attorneys in Singapore, people should indulge in understanding and handling challenging family law conflicts as well as all phases of the divorce process within the country’s family justice system. A divorce may be difficult to get in Singapore. Read here to know why to Click here to book a consultation with a Divorce lawyer in Singapore.

Points To Keep in Mind Before Going To A Divorce Lawyer In Singapore

In Singapore, the courts will only recognize a marriage that has irretrievably broken down as the basis for a divorce application. Additionally, a divorce can only be obtained when a couple has been formally wed for at least three years. The only five factors listed below constitute an irretrievable dissolution of a marriage:

  • Adultery
  • Unacceptable Actions
  • Separation
  • Mutual Desertion Agreement

Couples frequently dispute issues like child custody, how to divide their marital assets, and other expenses. But we’re here to explain your situation to you. Legal family matters can be difficult for everyone involved to navigate. In addition to comprehending the nuances and complexity of family law, court processes can be emotionally charged. As a top family law firm in Singapore, we assist clients in fighting for and obtaining their just share in matrimonial asset division, Family Justice Court proceedings, and a full range of children and family law matters, such as contested divorces, child custody and access requests, personal protection orders (PPOs) and family violence, matrimonial asset division, maintenance orders, and divorces handled by the Syariah Court. These are the points that you should keep in mind before you book a consultation with a divorce lawyer in Singapore.

How Are Adultery And Desertion Seen In Singapore?

To commit adultery legally, a spouse must have cheated on their spouse by having intercourse with a third party. As soon as Partner A suspects adultery with Partner B, Partner A may initiate a divorce proceeding. However, it might be difficult to use adultery as divorce grounds in Singapore. It is Partner A’s responsibility to compile solid proof that their spouse is cheating.

Desertion occurs when one spouse vacates the marital residence and does not return after a predetermined amount of time. They also neglected to update their spouse, friends, or family on their location during that time. Evidence of a spouse leaving their partner must be presented before applying for divorce in Singapore.


So, before going to a divorce lawyer in Singapore, you have to keep a lot of things in mind.