Phoenix Drug Offenses: From Possession to Probate Laws

Whether buying, selling, or transporting narcotics: this is trafficking. However, for the purchase, if it is proven that it is only intended for personal use, drug trafficking cannot be considered. Just as if you have illegal psychotropic products, such as unauthorized drugs with a high risk of addiction, you can be considered a trafficker.

More specifically, the following actions are considered to belong to the narcotics trafficking of psychotropic products:

  • The making ;
  • Detention ;
  • Procurement;
  • Import;
  • Export;
  • The issuance of narcotics.


The personal use of narcotics is to be distinguished from the uses provided for in the article of Personal Consumption, which is punishable by the article of the Public Health Code, and the penalty incurred is much lower than that of trafficking. There is a distinction according to the author’s intention to feed traffic and that of consuming for purely recreational and personal purposes.

What Is The Penalty For Possession Of Drugs?

Possession of drugs is defined as a criminal offense by phoenix drug crimes attorney  for example. If you possess all types of mind-altering substances, you will be severely punished by law.

As for drug possession, this offense is punishable by the following penalties:

  • 10 years imprisonment;
  • A fine of 7,500,000 euros;
  • An automatic application of a security sentence.

Throughout this security period, you will no longer be eligible for certain advantages concerning the adjustment of your sentence. For example, considering a suspension, a split sentence, or even less permission to go out will no longer be possible. You will also not be able to enjoy a work release or parole. Therefore, the prison sentence must be served in a penitentiary center.


Since this is an offense punishable by imprisonment, a judicial police officer has the right to arrest any person found possessing narcotics, summon him to the police station, or place him in custody on sight.

If you are taken into police custody, you may be summoned to appear before the Criminal Court to stand trial. At this stage, a lawyer suc as probate attorney phoenix az for example for example specializing In reality, when an investigation is opened for offenses related to drug trafficking, the rules of criminal procedure are not the same since there is a derogatory regime provided for in articles and following of the Code of Criminal Procedure. Within this procedural framework, the investigators, whether the police or the investigating judge, have extended powers.


“To use” narcotics, whatever the quantity, means to consume them;

The personal consumption and other uses of narcotics are liable to various penal sanctions.

The sentence incurred by a simple drug user is less severe than that incurred by a trafficker

The criminal procedure for drug trafficking is derogatory to common law, giving investigators greater powers.