What Do You Need To Know About First-Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct?

First-degree criminal sexual conduct in Michigan is one of the most challenging sex offenses under which anybody could be charged. In simple terms, criminal sexual conduct 1st degree is a type of crime known as rape or sexual assault. It features different actions that most people would think of as child molestation, rape, or even sexual assault on a Disabled person. The disability can either be mental or physical. If you are charged with the conviction of this sexual assault, then you can also get a  long prison for your entire life, and there would be criminal fines or expenses filed against you. There will be lifelong monitoring, and you will be permanently mentioned under the criminal record as a sex offender. The consequences can also include loss of a job or even denial of getting the dream job. You can also be denied different rental housing offers, and there would be restrictions on where you can live. You can lose custody of your child and also lose the professional license to continue your practice as a doctor, lawyer, pharmacist, nurse teacher, or any other profession.

Furthermore, you need to know that sexual offense charges, severe ones like first-degree criminal sexual conduct, can lead to challenging cases and put you through an emotional fraught with your loved ones. Whether you’re facing a minor or a substantial sexual conduct charge, you should always connect with a good lawyer who can help you deal with it.

What Do You Mean By First-Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct?

There are various types of first-degree criminal sexual conduct. It is defined based on different actions. You will be under this charge if you have undergone any sexual penetration of a minor below 13. You can also go through the charge if you have done sexual penetration for a child below 13 or 16 who belongs to your family and is related to you somewhere 4th degree. These charges apply to someone who causes injury to another person while forcing sexual penetration.

You should know that you do not need to wait until you are charged to get the sex crime lawyer on board. It is always a good idea to get a lawyer’s help when the local police question you to ensure that your rights do not get violated and your statements do not get out of context.