Special Needs Planning Lawyers

Do Special Needs Planning Lawyers Provide Ongoing Support for Families?


When it comes to planning for the future of a loved one with special needs, families often face complex legal and financial challenges. A Special needs planning law firm has professionals who specialize in assisting families in navigating these complexities. They play a crucial role in providing ongoing support to families and ensuring the well-being and financial security of individuals with special needs.

Understanding Special Needs Planning

Special needs planning is a comprehensive approach that aims to secure the future of individuals with disabilities or special needs. It involves creating a personalized plan that addresses various aspects such as financial, legal, and care-related matters. The objective is to protect the individual’s assets, secure public benefits, and establish a framework for ongoing care and support.

The Role of Special Needs Planning Lawyers

Special needs planning lawyers are legal experts who possess in-depth knowledge and experience in disability law, estate planning, public benefits, and related areas. They provide guidance and assistance to families in developing strategies to safeguard the interests of individuals with special needs. These professionals have a deep understanding of the unique challenges and considerations involved in special needs planning.

Initial Consultation and Assessment

The first step in the process is the initial consultation with a special needs planning lawyer. During this meeting, the lawyer will gather relevant information about the individual’s condition, needs, and goals. They will assess the family’s financial situation, existing resources, and any existing legal documents or plans.

Creating a Comprehensive Plan

Based on the assessment, the special needs planning lawyer will develop a comprehensive plan tailored to the specific circumstances of the family. This plan may include a combination of legal instruments, financial strategies, and care provisions to meet the long-term needs of the individual with special needs.

Financial and Estate Planning

Special needs planning lawyers assist families in developing financial and estate plans that ensure the availability of funds for ongoing care. They help establish special needs trusts, which are legal entities designed to protect assets while maintaining eligibility for public benefits.

Public Benefits and Government Programs

Navigating the complex landscape of public benefits and government programs can be challenging for families. Special needs planning lawyers provide guidance on accessing benefits such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medicaid, vocational rehabilitation, and other programs that provide financial and healthcare support.

Guardianship and Conservatorship

In cases where the individual with special needs lacks the capacity to make decisions independently, special needs planning lawyers can assist families in establishing guardianship or conservatorship. These legal arrangements ensure that responsible individuals are appointed to make decisions regarding the person’s personal and financial affairs.

Special Needs Trusts

One crucial aspect of special needs planning is the creation of special needs trusts. These trusts are designed to hold and manage assets for the benefit of individuals with disabilities or special needs without jeopardizing their eligibility for government benefits. Special needs planning lawyers have expertise in drafting and administering these trusts.

Lifetime Care and Support

Special needs planning lawyers understand the importance of considering the lifetime care and support needs of individuals with special needs. They help families develop strategies that provide a continuum of care, ensuring that the individual’s needs are met throughout their lifetime.

Ensuring Ongoing Support for Families

Special needs planning lawyers go beyond creating a plan; they provide ongoing support to families. They are available to address any legal or financial concerns that may arise over time. They act as advocates for families, ensuring that the individual’s rights are protected and that their best interests are always considered.

Regular Review and Updates

The needs and circumstances of individuals with special needs may change over time. Special needs planning lawyers recommend regular review and updates of the existing plan to accommodate these changes. They help families stay proactive and make necessary adjustments to ensure the plan remains relevant and effective.

Advocacy and Assistance

Special needs planning lawyers often act as advocates for families, especially when dealing with government agencies, healthcare providers, and educational institutions. They help families navigate complex systems, resolve disputes, and ensure that the individual’s rights and entitlements are upheld.

Collaborating with Other Professionals

Special needs planning lawyers work closely with other professionals involved in the care and support of individuals with special needs. They collaborate with financial advisors, social workers, therapists, and healthcare professionals to create a comprehensive network of support for families.


Shields Law Special needs planning lawyers play a vital role in providing ongoing support to families who have individuals with special needs. Through their expertise in legal matters, financial planning, and advocacy, they help families navigate the complex landscape of special needs planning. By creating comprehensive plans, ensuring ongoing support, and advocating for families, Shields Law special needs planning lawyers contribute significantly to the well-being and future security of individuals with special needs.